Facial Whitening Mask

Facial Whitening Mask
Effective For Facial Whitening
Reverse Skin Discoloration
Inhabit Skin Oxidation
Brightening Mask is a specialized peel off mask, helping to brighten the skin & prevent the appearance of dark spots caused by melanin formation. This soft rubberize mask with botanical skin lightening and brightening agents prevents the formation & lightens the appearance of melanin spots.
How to Use
Provided packing dose (35 g) is suitable for one application and is dissolved in 90 ml tap water. Pore the water (20°C) on the powder and stir quickly and vigorously for one minute until to get homogenous paste. Apply the paste on face within 5 minute allow the mask to work for 15 – 20 minute. Remove by peeling it off in one piece.
Active Ingredients
  • Seaweed (Algae)                                1.5%
  • Mica                                                     0.2%
  • Allantoin                                             0.3%
  • Kojic Acid                                           02%
  • Alpha Arbutin                                   01%
  • Saxifrage Sarmentosa Extract      0.5%
  • Sodium Ascorbate                           0.5%
  • Morus Bombycis Extract               0.2%
  • Scutellaria Baicalensis Extract    0.2%
Effects On Skin
  • Conditions, hydrates, softens and detoxifies the skin
  • Enhance skin tone and create a shimmering effect
  • Calms down skin redness
  • Reduce the production of melanin
  • Treatment of hyperpigmentation, melasma & chloasma
  • Increases cell matrix production, brightening properties
  • Anti-Oxidant & Natural Skin Brightener
  • Softening and soothing benefits
  • Prevention of damage by UV light
Available Packing
35gms Sachet – 1.18 Fl.Oz – Price: US$ 6.16