Hydra Cleansing Milk

Hydra Cleansing Milk
Eliminate Skin Impurities
Maintain Skin Moisture
Protects Water Loss

Hydra Cleansing Milk based on the cosmetogenomics. This new cleansing milk main active ingredient of AQUA GENOMICS is called REVIDRAT, and its main function is to synthesize the enzymes that participate on the Natural Moisturizing Factor formation. The final result is an optimum level of moisture resulting skin is protected and avoids water loss.

How to Use

Wash face with lukewarm water then apply a dab of hydra cleansing milk to face and neck. Massage in circular motion and apply to soak into skin for one minute. Rinse off with lukewarm water and use a soft dry towel to dry face. Suitable for all skin types.

Active Ingredients

  • Aqua Genomics           02%
  • Witch Hazel Extract    01%
  • Tea Tree Oil                01%
  • Allantoin                      0.3%
  • Vitamin E                    2.0%


Effects On Skin 

  • Intensive hydrating effect with moistures for skin
  • Astringent & Anti-Inflammatory action
  • Used topically for infections like acne & Oily skins
  • Calms down skin redness
  • Hydrates and moisturize skin
Available Packing
200mls – 6.76 Fl.Oz – Price: US$ 5.25
500mls – 16.91 Fl.OZ – Price: US$ 10.50