Luster Gold Mask

Luster Gold Mask
Improve Dull Stressed Skin
Increase Skin Elasticity
Restore Skin Luster
The rare 24K royal gold foil rubberizing mask provides skin with young energy, precisely removes aging signs, activates the basal layer of skin, increase elasticity and renew skin. It effectively improves the dull sallow, rough and dry facial skin, restores its bright and transparent luster, moistens for 24 hours, strengthens its hydrating ability and leaves the skin fair, hydrated and naturally beautiful.
How to Use
Provided packing dose (30 g) is suitable for one application and is dissolved in 90 ml tap water. Pore the water (20°C) on the powder and stir quickly and vigorously for one minute until to get homogenous paste. Apply the paste on face within 5 minute allow the mask to work for 15 – 20 minute. Remove by peeling it off in one piece.
Active Ingredients
  • Seaweed (Algae)                    1.5%
  • Mica                                       0.2%
  • Allantoin                                 0.3%
  • Pure 24K Gold Beaten Foil     0.2%
  • Acerola Fruit Extract              0.2%
  • Alpha Arbutin                         1.5%

Effects On Skin

  • Conditions, hydrates, softens and detoxifies the skin
  • Enhance skin tone and create a shimmering effect
  • Calms down skin redness
  • Regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and a visible tightening effect
  • Anti-Oxidant & Natural Skin Brightener
  • Treatment of hyperpigmentation, melasma & chloasma
Available Packing
35gms Sachet – 1.18 Fl.Oz – Price: US$ 8.94