Microcurrent Galvanic SPA


1. Micro-current Technology 
2. Ultra high frequency ion introduction
3. Unique Design of Big Ball
4. Firming Facial Skin
5. Face Slimming
Working Voltage: DC9.0V
Battery:  1*PP3
Vibration Frequency:12000/min
Size:  190*55*35mm
Accessories: Conductive Gel
Battery,User manual
Material: ABS
Product Description
Lifts muscles of the face and neck.
Tone muscles of the face and neck.
Stimulates blood flow for a youthful appearance.
Hold for 60 seconds on each muscle group.
How simple is that!
The Micro Current Galvanic SPA Lift features two electrical treatment methods to tone, lift, sculpt and rejuvenate the face and neck.
To the experts, the lifting and sculpting current is known as faradic facial toning and it uses micro-current technology.
The pulses do all the hard work for you whilst you watch any sagging skin instantly lifted.
The second current is called Iontophoresis and this uses small micro currents which gently break down the skins barrier to allow the active ingredients (collagen) found in the conductive gel infused deep into the skin to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and help increase skin elasticity.
When used with the Luster 24K Gold Mask, the skin is ready to absorb the active nutrients erasing fine lines and wrinkles leaving the skin plump, youthful and glowing. 
US$ 103.99