OEM / ODM Manufacturing

STEP 1: Initial Consultation STEP 2: Formulation Development

Contact our Brand Development Manager for a design and
development consultation. The consultation will set the
framework for your project and our experienced brand
development advisors will assist to ensure that your
business model is catered for whilst ensuring
fundamentals such as ingredient choice, safety,
legality and suitability for purpose are taken into
account in the project planning phase.


STEP 3: All Things Packaging and Design

New Directions offer a wide range of packaging solutions to
suit any size business as we don’t enforce minimum order
quantities. We will guide you towards choosing appropriate
packaging solutions for your range and also offer an in
house design service to assist with the design of custom
labels, boxes and other point of sale merchandise

New Directions provide a customised formulating service
which may be tailored to suit any budget, whether you
want to make adjustments to our current off the shelf
bases or wish to create something truly innovative our
team can help.


STEP 4: Manufacturing

The New Directions manufacturing team have an in-depth understanding of good manufacturing practices and will guarantee continuity in quality with every batch produced. Our stringent quality assurance policy ensures that strict procedures are enforced from the time of order placement.