Pro Peeling / Depigmentation Treatment

Prepare Yourself for Client Facial
  • Wash Hand
  • Remove any ring or Jewelry in your hand
  • Sanitize your hands with SKIR PRO-SALON ADVANCE HAND SANITIZER
  • Place Towel Around Neck And Across Clients Face
Prepare Client for Facial
  • Remove all Jewelry
  • Seat Client
  • fasten headband (the headband is a towel and pins to keep it in place)
  • Place Towel Around Neck And Across Clients Face
CAUTION !            Use SKIR SALON TOOL (HYDRO OIL TESTER) to analyze skin Moisture and Oil level conditions.
 Step 1:
For washing use SKIR PURIFYING FACIAL WASH to ensure chemical free skin. Massage in circular motion for 03 Minutes over the face, neck and décolleté. Thoroughly rinse the face, leaving no traces. PAT DRY
Step 2:
For cleansing use SKIR DEEP CLEANSING LOTION and spread over the face, neck and decollate. Massage with the help of finger tips for 05 minutes, rub the lotion in circular movements from the chin upwards. Always do cleansing two times for better results.
Step 3:
For deep pore cleansing using SKIR RICH CREAMY CLEANSER and spread over the face, neck and decollate. Start deep pore cleansing for 05 minutes always upward strokes. Remove by using WET TISSUE. PAT DRY
Step 4:
For exfoliation use SKIR PITAYA LUSTER SCRUB and spread over the face neck and decollate avoiding eye area (nothing south of the eyebrow or north of the eye socket). Scrub in circular motion for 05 to 07 minutes. Remove by using wet sponge leaving no traces. PAT DRY. You can also use SKIR SALON TOOL (ULTRASONIC FACIAL SCRUBBER) to remove thicker layer of skin.
Step 5:
For skin toning use SKIR FINE TONING FLUID and tap over the face neck and décolleté with the help of cotton ball or finger tips avoiding eye area. After 05 minutes clean by using WET TISSUE PAT DRY
Step 6:
For peeling effects use SKIR ENZYME PEELING CREAM (If skin is sensitive use SKIR INTENSIVE PEELING CREAM) and spread over the entire face, neck and decollate and leave for 05 minute not more than 10 minutes and then massage 05 minutes to peel facial skin. Remove by using WET TISSUE leaving no traces. PAT DRY
Step 7:
To soften the facial area to be peeled and reduce skin roughness use SKIR GLYCOLIC PEELING FLUID and spread in facial area with the help of finger tips – You can use SKIR SALON TOOL (MICRO CURRENT GALVANIC) for better penetration of fluid deep down to skin. 
Step 8:
Use SKIR PAPAYA ENZYME MASK. Pore generous amount in non-metallic bowl, add 01 Ampoule of SKIR CALMING SKIN FLUID mix together and obtain homogeneous past, spread over the entire face with help of soft mask brush. Allow the mask to work for 15 minutes. Remove by using WET TISSUE leaving no traces. PAT DRY
Step 9:
Always use SKIR FACIAL FINISHING FUDGE to prevent UVA rays and normalize the skin pH factor.
This procedure is recommended from most beauticians and dermatologist using SKIR brand product, conjunctions with other products are not recommended. SKIR LABS are not responsible for any clinical damage of skin. Instructions and precaution on printed labels should follow strictly.
Make sure temper evident ORIGNAL PRODUCT SEAL is intact to ensure genuine SKIR products. Make sure the aluminum seal is intact to ensure fresh and hygienic purchase. Do Not Accept open container or bottle.